Hifu Non Surgical Facelift From Lipo Sculpt Ashford

Hifu from Lipo Sculpt Ashford stands for High intensity focused ultrasound and is proven to help you achieve tighter, firmer, lifted skin around the face and chin this is used by a Hifu Non surgical facelift.

HIFU non surgical facelift

Why Non Surgical Is Best - HIFU Ashford

Today, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a clinically proven, non-invasive alternative.

The technology surrounding HIFU is truly ground breaking and the only method of removing signs of ageing endorsed by the FDA with using Lipo Sculpt Ashford HIFU non surgical facelift.

As we age, the signs start to appear on our skin in the form of wrinkles and line this is where Lipo Sculpt Ashford and their Hifu non surgical facelift comes into place.

Not too long ago, the only way to get rid of these was by evasive face-lifting surgery.

HIFU non surgical facelift treatment Ashford, offers a non surgical face lift to promote skin tightening perfect for full face or the lower face.

This also helps to soften deep wrinkles and fine lines for natural long lasting results as the HIFU treatment promotes new collagen production.

FDA approved there are no side effects and no recovery time meaning you have no risks and could even have this treatment done in your lunch break and return back to work straight away!

Helping to improve the skin surface and improve the look of loose skin the hifu procedure targets all the layers of the skin in one single session.

The History of HIFU Ashford and how it started

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Does The tightening Procedure hurt?

This was often painful, carried the risk of infection, or an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic and put the patient out of circulation for a while.

Are you looking to remove deep wrinkles?

Call our team today where we can discuss the range of treatments available, including helping remove excess fat even removal of age spots so we are able to give you the best results.

HIFU technology targets all the layers of skin, and can help in the tightening of the skin in one single treatment area. Using ultrasound technology we can create a tailored treatment plan for specific areas you wish to cover to help your skin rejuvenation.


Hifu non surgical facelift Ashford Uses Ultrasound to help boost natural collagen

The key to HIFU is the depth to which it penetrates the skin and focuses on the areas where the signs of ageing find their foundation.

HIFU uses ultrasound; it doesn’t involve the use of intense pulsed light or other forms of electrical energy.

It is completely harmless and doesn’t affect facial expressions in the way a substance like Botox can.

hifu face

Is hifu certified and safe for everyone?

The technology surrounding HIFU is truly ground breaking and the only method of removing signs of ageing endorsed by the FDA with using a Hifu non surgical facelift.

If you want to improve skin tone without injecting Botox, the Lipo Sculpt Ashford HIFU provides you with an ideal solution.

It is proven to visibly improve all your facial features, leaving skin looking healthy and wrinkle-free, or with wrinkles significantly reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What areas of the body, apart from the face can be treated with HIFU Ashford?

What areas of the body, apart from the face can be treated with HIFU Ashford?


Inner thighs;


Abdomen, including stretch marks;

Décolletage and neck

Upper arms.


Each session lasts on average 30 minutes for each area treated. If sessions need to be longer, you will be told during your initial consultation.

Around 30 minutes is the optimum time and sessions won’t worry too much from that unless your clinician believes that the additional time will make a worthwhile difference to the appearance of the affected area.


Clinical studies have shown that results achieved last between 18 months and 2 years for most people.

Some people benefit for longer than that and some find that results wear off quicker than in the average person.


All types of skin colour and tone can be treated by HIFU.

Anyone who wants to improve their look, get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin without a facelift, are ideal candidates for HIFU.


Just book a consultation so that a clinician can assess what needs to be done and speak to you about what you hope to achieve so that the treatment can be tailored to your aims.

You might decide to first concentrate on those areas that are most affected, places where even small improvements will make a big difference to your appearance.


This will depend on your starting point, what you are hoping to achieve and your age.


Rolls back the years so far as your looks are concerned;

Improves blood flow which makes your skin look and feels healthier;

Production of collagen and elastin increases;

Improves muscle tone by firming and tightening, reducing stretch in your skin and sagging;

Encourages growth of new skin cells to work positively on areas broken down by the HIFU;

Reduces eyelid hoods and bags under the eyes;

Tightens saggy skin, especially around the jowls, cheeks and neck;

Reduces double chins and fat deposits; and

Helps to reduce acne and acne scarring.

How soon will I be able to see the results from HIFU?

You might be surprised to learn that you can notice a difference immediately.

These improvements build with each session over the course of the treatment and continue after it to complete the healing and rejuvenation process.

How HIFU Works from Lipo Sculpt Ashford

The treatment works by breaking down the affected areas, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and promoting healing and growth, including the tightening and lifting of the skin.

  • The healing process should be completed between 3 and 6 months after treatment and the effects last for up to two years.
  • HIFU is fast becoming the patients’ first choice of treatment.

It has many benefits, including: