Wart Removal Treatment Ashford

Wart Removal Treatment Using Non Invasive Cryopen therapy.

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Why Choose Cryopen for Wart Removal treatment Ashford?

Permanent Results
Even Skin Tone
Pain Free
Fast & effective
Non invasive – No Downtime
We cannot treat genital warts

Lipo Sculpt Ashford Cryopen For Wart Removal

Why Do Warts Occur?

Warts often occur when a virus is causing them to come in contact with the skin and cause infection.

These likely develop on individuals’ broken skin like picked hangnails or spots nicked through shaving since viruses can enter the topmost layer of the skin through cuts and scratches.

While many specialists and dermatologists still don’t know the exact reasons why certain individuals are more prone to get warts as compared to others.

It is believed that children are more vulnerable than adults simply because they have weaker immune system since they have not yet fully built up their immune system. 

Are Warts Causing You Pain?

Warts are painful and unsightly growths which seem to crop up out in different parts of the body which you will need to get a wart removal.

Medically speaking, these are infections on the topmost layer of the skin triggered by a virus known as Human Papillomavirus or HPV.

When this virus invades the skins outer layer, commonly using tiny scratch, this results in rapid cell growth on the outer layer of the skin creating warts.

There is a simple way for these to be removed permanently without pain or downtime see our prices below!

FAQ Wart Removal Lipo Sculpt Cryopen Ashford

Warts can be serious problems when left untreated.

As leading specialists  we believe in providing you with the most exceptional and best care.

We have solid knowledge and experience dealing with different skin problems, and through the years, we have remained committed and consistent in offering the most suitable treatment procedure to resolve skin imperfections once and for all.

We aim to help our clients get rid of warts safely and effectively, and we also aim to provide an affordable and safe experience to all our valued clients.

This medical procedure, which involves nitrous oxide gas applications, can guarantee desirable results.

During application, the tip of the CryoPen reaches around -89°C. The main reason for this is to create thermal shock on the region where gas is actually pointed out using causing abrupt temperature drops.

This drop is commonly associated with effects of crystalizing fluid contents of targeted cells that turn them to ice shards.

This result in destructions of skin lesions as a membrane that surrounds the treated cells are destroyed and ruptured.

During the Lipo Sculpt Ashford treatment, you might see the ice field or frost on top of the lesion.

This must not really cause worry since frost commonly vanishes within a few seconds.

After the Lipo Sculpt Ashford treatment, it’s advisable to leave the area uncovered since this speeds up the process of healing.

Nevertheless, our clinicians can apply simple dressing or plasters in case there’s a chance that lesion might get aggravated or rubbed in any manner.

Lipo Sculpt Ashford CryoPen is proven effective in treating and getting rid of stubborn verruca’s and warts.

If other wart removal procedures fail, you can resort to this treatment option and expect great results.

Lipo Sculpt Ashford CryoPen therapy is an effective medical procedure involving the application of nitrous oxide gas placed onto the skin under high pressure.

The gas is cold, and this helps in freezing and destroying benign lesions.

Applicator is held close to skin imperfection and then moved towards quickly away from it.

This can be from 1 to 30 seconds but depending on the depth and size of the lesion.

Lipo Sculpt Ashford CryoPen freezes at an approximate rate of 1mm per five seconds.

There is a mild sensation but this procedure is virtually painless.

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